“Salad, Please…Sunny Side Up!”

November 14, 2010 at 8:55 pm Leave a comment

The first time someone brought me leafy greens with scrambled eggs for breakfast I thought, “Has the chef taken leave of his senses?” This before I remembered I was at Twin Farms—a little slice of heaven located deep in the Vermont woods, and consistently rated one of the top small hotels in the entire world. Gastronomically and otherwise, they cater to your every whim there. The chef is veritable Toscanini of the taste buds. And if he thinks a pile of greens goes well with scrambled eggs (and, oh yes, smoked salmon), well far be it from Jo Bracken to question him.

I dug in, and must say the combination was delicious.

So I started sniffing out this salad for breakfast fetish and discovered that it has a small but growing fan base, particularly among dieters and triathletes.

 Eschewing the typical American breakfast fare of sugar-laced cereals or fat- and sodium-laden cured meats, eggs and cheese, those seeking to lose weight have discovered that a morning salad really helps. Chock full of filling yet calorie-light foods such as legumes, fruits, greens and just about any other leftover vegetable, it’s very flavorful; and many find it keeps them full till well in the afternoon. It’s also a great nudge toward the five servings of fruits and vegetables we’re all supposed to be consuming daily.

The bodies of triathletes, on the other hand, need to be constantly stoked with carbohydrates for fuel. Plus, they lose such huge amounts of vitamins and minerals through sweat, that a salad built on iron-packed leafy greens makes a lot of sense. Interested readers might want to check out Christopher McDougall’s book Born to Run.

Me, I’m neither a dieter nor triathlete. And I tend to look for the path of greatest speed and least resistance when it comes to breakfast. But unlike my mother, Peg Bracken, who loved doughnut holes as her wake-up meal, I do try eating somewhat sensibly.

My advice for those tired of cereal or Pop Tarts or that hideous stuff you get at the drive-through. Serve up your favorite eggs with wedges of sour dough toast, plus a handful of arugula lightly coated in vinaigrette. Or make up your own offbeat combination. Then write and tell me what you think.


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